L.I.FE.-Life Is Fun n Exciting!

At L.I.F.E. – Life Is Fun n Exciting!, we help Children, Teens & Young Adults:

  • Believe in themselves, think for themselves and make smarter choices!
  • Imbibe knowledge, skills and attitudes required for their own development & success
  • Observe, Learn & Practice skills to flourish in everyday life situations & relationships
  • Increase awareness of themselves, people & the world around them
  • Increase connectedness with parents, so they can deal with challenges as a stronger, united family

We offer Individual Therapy/Counselling sessions & our carefully designed behavioural & experiential Group Workshops focus on:

  • Age-appropriate life skills (like communication, social skills, self-awareness, confidence)
  • Understanding self & working through day-to-day challenges faced by children, teenagers & young adults

Trained & Certified caring personnel use Child Counselling Techniques (Art, Play, Sand, Clay, Music, Theatre, Story Telling), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Transactional Analysis (TA), in both Group & Individual modalities

L.I.F.E. for Children & Teenagers:

Group workshops crafted for today’s child (Age groups 7-9 yrs, 10-12 yrs & 13-15 yrs)

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  • Addresses MORE than 20 Life Skills (such as communication, awareness, problem solving, sexual education, handling emergencies, etc), including 10 listed by WHO
  • Helps the child understand & work through challenges at home or school, typically not addressed in schools
  • Activity driven, drawing out skill practice, creativity and interest of the child
  • Home activities encourage dialogue and connect with parents
  • Structure and design combines experiential learninginternalisation, reflection & application

L.I.F.E. for Young Adults:

Group Workshops to explore, share, experience & understand self (Age 16-19 yrs & 20-23 yrs)

  • A safe environment, in which the facilitator & all participants will provide support, non-judgment and respect
  • Focuses on challenges in the life of the teenager or young adult, typically not addressed in high school or college
  • Structure and design encourages expressionreflectionexperiential learning  and ownership
  • Empowers them to understand, accept, protect and manage themselves better
  • Helps them develop positive relationships