Nisha Rao

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Nisha Rao, mother, counsellor/therapist and life coach at L.I.F.E., has over 18 years experience in people practices, behavioural training and learning & development interventions.

She quit corporate life to pursue her passion for working with children. Since 2011, with her primary focus on child development, empowerment & well-being, Nisha has been exploring, learning, coaching & counselling. She has volunteered with government institutions to teach English, to empower and skill teachers and to encourage literacy, especially of the girl-child. .

Nisha’s personal & professional growth comes from being challenged as a person & as a parent – raising a child to have self-worth & sensitivity, helping him understand himself vis-à-vis parental, peer & societal influences & pressures; and to strive for this while constantly looking inwards & working on herself to be a more loving & supportive parent.

This is what motivated her to develop the L.I.F.E. programme. To reach out to children and parents of today, who are similarly provoked to examine themselves deeper, but with inadequate support or resources.

Nisha Rao

Training & Certifications

Child & Adolescent Counselling Certification – Parivarthan, Bangalore, April 2017

Certification in Transactional Analysis (Education) – Karen Pratt, TSTA(E), TA Matters, South Africa, Ongoing since Feb 2017

Certification in Transactional Analysis (Psychotherapy) – Ragini Rao, PTSTA(P), Infinum, Bangalore, Ongoing since Feb 2015

Self Re-Parenting – Jan Grant, TSTA (E.&C.)Australia, Bangalore, 30th May 2015

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) – Sonal Kothari, Gordon Training International, Bangalore, Feb-Mar 2015

Foundation Course in Transactional Analysis – Sailaja Manacha, PTSTA(P) & Ragini Rao, PTSTA(P), Physis India & Infinum, Bangalore, Jul-Dec 2014

Certified Life Skills Trainer – Banjara Academy, Bangalore, Mar-Sep 2013

Certified NLP Basic Practitioner – NFNLP, USA and Ashlesh Rao, Neoway Academy, Dec 2012

Coaching for Success – Ganesh Chella, CEO, totus consulting, Dec 2009

Transactional Analysis (Organisation Development) – C Suriyaprakash, TSTA(O), Spanda Foundation, Bangalore, 2008-2009