The Tough Task of Parenting Gen Z

Gone are the days when a kid’s life was all fun and play! In today’s world with families becoming more nuclear, increasingly both parents’ working and travelling and children being raised as much by grandparents or nannies, the opportunity our children have to learn these life skills naturally is gradually diminishing.

Earlier schools were within walking distance from home. Today children commute for hours every day, reducing the free time for play and developing these skills. In their free time today, children prefer being on Facebook or playing games on their gadgets, watching TV or simply being on mobile phones, exposing themselves to Cyber-bullying!

Parenting Today


There is a tremendous increase in information, resources and opportunities made available to today’s children. However, there is little or no regulation of the same, leaving our kids overwhelmed and confused.

With increased globalization, shifting economies and increased spending power, the fact that there is more materialism in our homes and all around, is another truth for the newer generations.

Children being raised in single parent households or exposed to ideas that ‘drinking and using drugs is cool’ is a growing concern. Peer & parental pressure for them is harsh and apart from violence in schools, there is the added danger of their sexual boundaries being violated.

Our kids are growing up way too fast and need a structured programme to bring them closer to themselves and us, their loved ones!