Do children need help?

Teens on Phones

Research conducted on children of ‘Gen Z’ in India shows:

  • 9-11 year olds spend 1 hour 7 mins daily on Facebook, of which 40 mins is on a mobile
  • 9-18 year olds are savvy with advanced services such as apps, maps and navigation, Twitter and online shopping
  • The average monthly allowance for children aged 9-18 in urban areas is INR 2,253
  • Generation Z turns to social media first to complain or share a bad experience – not their parents!

Source: 3,421 face-to-face interviews with 9-18 year old mobile phone users across 16 cities in India  – Ericsson Consumer Lab Generation Z 2012

WHO estimates a global burden of ‘Serious Emotional Disturbances’ in children and adolescents. Contrary to popular belief, mental, emotional and behavioural disorders are common during childhood and adolescence. Inadequate attention is paid to this area of mental health

One in ten young people suffers from mental illness severe enough to cause some level of impairment, yet fewer than one in five receives the needed treatment

Source: Report on Mental Health (WHO, 2001)

In India, 10-12 % of < 18 year olds suffer from disorders in behaviour, learning and development, but receive scant attention

Source: Newsletter Articles – Ministry of Human Resource Development, Dept of School Education & Literacy, Govt of India (

What our Children Need:

  • Parent Child Connectedness has emerged as a compelling “super-protector” that may buffer young people from the many challenges and risks they face in today’s world
  • Provide ‘Life Skill’ opportunities for your child to imbibe the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes required to face life’s challenges
  • Increase your child’s Awareness of themselves, people and the world around them through Communication
  • Help your child use spare time gainfully
  • Give them Trust, Respect, Support and Encouragement

Source: Parent-child Connectedness: A Pressing Need to be Addressed in Rural and Urban India – Princeton University Paper, 2009

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