Our Vision & Mission


Our Vision

L.I.F.E.  Life Is Fun n Exciting! will be a superlative programme, recommended for the empowerment & development of children and youth, to help them flourish in everyday life situations and relationships

We will enhance the connectedness between children and their parents, leading to increased harmony within families

The L.I.F.E. Coaches will be cherished, adored and remembered by the children

Children who go through our programmes will be well-adjusted, equanimous thinkers, who realise their worth and potential and contribute usefully to their families and society


Our Mission

L.I.F.E. empowers children & youth with psycho-social skills to help them enrich their self-awareness, communication, inter-personal relationships, problem solving & decision making abilities.

We teach children critical competencies to help them in their day-to-day lives

  • empower them to understand, accept, protect and manage themselves
  • teach skills to develop their thinking
  • coach them to express themselves honestly
  • help them develop positive relationships, especially increasing connectedness with their parents